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Selling a home in today’s market takes experience and expertise. To help you stay ahead of the curve, I have collected these useful real estate selling resources:


  • Open all draperies, unless there is an objectionable view

  • Turn on lights if necessary to get a bright and cheerful look

  • Keep doors closed except for walk in closets (keep those doors slightly open and turn on lights to attract attention)

  • Remove any signs or posters that might be offensive

  • If you smoke, keep ashtrays clean during showing

  • Set out fresh flowers for appearance and fragrance

  • Bake bread, or some other pleasant smelling food, but avoid seafood or strong smelling vegetables

  • Have copies of the last twelve months of utility bills available, or a written summary of amounts paid

  • Keep pets out of the house

  • If you are playing the radio or stereo, it should be at a low volume